Increasing capabilities in business

Becoming service-ready is not just about process – it’s a state of mind.

That’s the word we’re aiming to spread with our next seminar for the DMI (Design Management Institute), Service Design for Business: Key Methods and Strategies for In-House Teams.

The tools and techniques that you will learn are a jumping-off point for co-creation, user and staff engagement and for gaining strong insights into how service design works and can benefit a team.

The emphasis on increasing team capability provides a strong basis for developing and improving new service propositions, based on the key insights you will learn to extract from customers and clients.

It is this methodology that will be the focus of the seminar, but there will also be emphasis on the progression of concepts – how to prototype, test and communicate concepts to generate buy-in internally.

It is a step towards increasing team capabilities for businesses providing service, helping them to become service-ready and taking forward human-centred concepts, increasing satisfaction, loyalty and success.


To learn more and register for the event, please check it out here.

To read about our last event, please click here.

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