A measure of success

We are of course always asked to demonstrate the success of our work. Whether it’s at an organisational level or the experience level, businesses want to know how service design can affect their bottom line.

We use a framework covering quality, performance and outcomes to measure the harder metrics, including process efficiencies, customer retention and increases in revenue. The softer metrics include increased staff morale and improved customer experience and advocacy.

At the organisational level, short-term indicators of the success of a project can include the unlocking of further funding, investment in internal teams and the all-important indicator – getting our client promoted.

A client of ours (and he’ll remain anonymous) has just been promoted within an organisation that we’ve recently supported in helping to shift their focus and introduce new ways of working. They have various locations and he held a key role in one of them; now he’s about to take on a very significant role at their most important location (hurrah!).

We can’t of course take all the credit for this, he is one of the most hard-working and visionary people we’ve worked with these last few years. It does signify the company’s recognition of what he’s achieved and how he’s achieved it and, possibly more importantly to us, it sends out a signal of the value it places on commissioning and working with service design consultants: for the organisation, the brand and most importantly, its customers.


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